May 23, 2007

Deep Thoughts

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When in Rome….

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May 2, 2007

Arrg! Thar Be Internets!

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This is a pretty neat map of the social networking type sites on the Intarweb.

  • At first I didn’t understand the “Gays of Web 2.0″ joke, but then I saw the “Straights of Web 2.0″ next to it and then it was funny.
  • You’re The Man Now Dog made the map (my favorite ytmnd). The name of the YTMND island is even funny if you are familiar with the URLs on that site.
  • Blogipeligo is an interesting word.
  • Apparently Soviet Russia is now somewhere between reddit and
  • Funny how the “Bay of Angst” is off the shores of LiveJournal and Xanga.

via Mashable

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