April 9, 2005

California Guitar Trio

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This evening Dave and I drove up to the One World Theatre in Austin to see the California Guitar Trio. We were late leaving the office, so Chuck gave us some super secret directions to the venue that helped take some time off the trip. Dave Roth is one funny guy. He had me laughing so hard on the way to the concert that I could barely breath. His stories about rednecks, Excel based house plans, and limosine schoolbuses are insane, ask him about them some time. We arrived at the theater around 7:15, about 15 minutes after the show started, and found our seats next to Avie where we sat down for the remainder of the show.

I had pretty high expectations for the Trio, as I have heard some of their stuff before. I was blown away, these guys are on an entirely different level than any musicans I have ever seen before. One of the most amazing things I have seen in a while was their performance of Bach’s Prelude using something called a “circulation technique.” Using this technique each musician plays every third note and together it sounds as if a single person were performing the song. Amazing stuff that you have to see to get an idea for just how impressive it is. They ended the night with a great version of Bohemian Rhapsody and blisteringly fast version of the Dick Dale’s Miserlou, popularly known as the Pulp Fiction theme song.

Afterwards Avie and I drove back to Camp Young Judea where Alana is teaching and dancing this weekend. It’s a really nice place, and they have a very nice open wireless network so I am happy. :) I hope to get some work done this weekend, and maybe catch up on some reading that I have been trying to do.

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