January 21, 2006

President Churchill

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My morning drive to work is only about 15 minutes, and during the drive I normally flip between KSYM, KNBT and KSTX (TPR/NPR).

Yesterday morning I happened to be listening to the KNBT morning show during the trivia segment. Each day during the KNBT morning show the hosts (Wayne and Tiffany) ask some sort of trivia question and the first person to call in with the correct answer wins a prize. Yesterdays prize was a pair of tickets to see Pat Green, and the question was: who was the last U.S. president to serve without a college degree? I thought it was a pretty good question so instead of switching to another station like I usually do, I waited to hear the answer.

A few people called in with good guesses (Reagan, LBJ, Hoover), while Wayne kept giving more hints. Then a woman called in and gave her answer: “Churchill, Winston Churchill.” At first Wayne just said “no” and then when he realized what she said and told her “he wasn’t even a president!” She just said “oh” and hung up.

But just when I thought that was weird, the next caller took the opportunity to confuse Wayne again. She answered correctly: “It was Harry Truman.” He congratulated her and asked her if she was ready to go see Pat Green, to which she replied “no.” Wayne said “uh, uhm, ok well thanks for calling.” About 4 or 5 calls later someone finally got it right (after Wayne kept saying “someone just called in with the correct answer”) and accepted the prize.

People are so weird. And stupid.

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  1. Winston Churchill didn’t go to college? You’re kidding me!

    Comment by David — January 24, 2006 @ 12:05 am

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