March 2, 2006

My New Browser: Camino

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When I bought my first Apple computer about 2 years ago I almost exclusively used Safari for browsing the web. But at that point there were still a lot of sites that did not work with Safari, and I eventually switched to Firefox. Since that time I’ve switched back and forth between Safari and Firefox a few times, usually after a couple months of using one or the other. Occasionally I would try out Opera and Camino, and while both were very nice browsers, neither seemed ready for prime time.

Well, a couple weeks ago I noticed that the Camino project had finally released version 1.0 of its browser after several years of work, so I decided to give it another shot. After using it for a little over a week I think its safe to say that Camino is now my browser of choice. I’ve even removed the Safari and Firefox icons from my dock! Gasp!

Basically Camino is a browser that combines the powerful Gecko rendering engine from Mozilla with Apple’s interface style. It is not simply a port of the Firefox GUI to native Mac OS X widgets, but rather it is a seperate browser project. There are features from both Safari and Firefox, as well as some original ones. I liked the ability in Firefox to selectively choose sites to allow popups (CORE), but I also liked the Keychain integration from Safari. As you can imagine, Camino implements both of these features and many others in a single browser. Sweet!

If you are using Mac OS X, consider trying Camino.

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  1. Camino looks pretty cool so far, although I don’t see any foXpose built it. ;-)

    Comment by Phillip — March 3, 2006 @ 12:39 am

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