March 7, 2006

The Domain Name System and Me

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While researching the answer to a question that a coworker posed today I came across Wikipedia‘s page on the Domain Name System. I have to say, that is an incredibly thorough description of DNS. Normally pages describing DNS are so full of BINDisms that its hard to seperate the protocol from the application. Wikipedia also has a page for comparisons of DNS server software.

I think most people feel that DNS is pretty boring, but for some reason I have always really loved working with it. I got my first real experience working with DNS after college when I worked at Spire Network Services in New Orleans. That’s where I met my friend Mike who later introduced me to djbdns, which is when I really became fascinated with DNS.

For years I read and participated in DJB’s DNS mailing list where I learned a tremendous amount the DNS protocol and DNS software. Perhaps my favorite message from that list was when Matt Simerson (DNS admin at Interland) detailed their migration from BIND to djbdns. I also think it is pretty awesome that EveryDNS uses djbdns.

Fortunately my love of DNS is not wasted, as I get to spend 8+ hours a day dealing with nothing but the Domain Name System. I know this would bore some people to tears, but not me. :)

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  1. Cool plug!

    Feel free to email me when you get a chance… Got a question! (Remind me about this specific URL since I’ll probably forget. :-) )


    Comment by David Ulevitch — March 14, 2006 @ 3:49 am

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