June 9, 2006

Last Days in London

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Today is my last full day in London, as Jason and I are leaving in the morning to begin traveling. I have had a blast here, and the UK Rackers have been just great. Wednesday night they took us out to Tas Pidi, a Turkish restaurant in the south bank area of London. Afterwards we crossed the Millennium Bridge over to St Paul’s Cathedral and then headed back via the tube.

Last night we all went to “Tequila Thursday” at the Hole in the Wall with the group from the office. No tequila for me, but it was a great time and I met lots more people. The Hole in the Wall is a really cool little pub with an outdoor area with picnic tables and green grass. The food there was excellent as well.

I’ve also had a lot of fun teaching DNS to the Rackers here. We had 4 technical sessions, and 3 non-technical sessions. I was wondering what I could teach about DNS that wasn’t technical, but as it turns out there was a lot that the sales people and account managers wanted to know. Of course the technial sessions were fun and I got to talk about DNS people who were actually interested in hearing about it. That doesn’t happen very often. Also, I uploaded a few pictures of their new (very cool) Stockley Park office.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Brussels. From there we plan to head to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Paris and finally back to London to catch our flights. If there is time we may also swing by Zurich between Munich and Paris. These are ambitious plans for two weeks, but we are going to give it our best.

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  1. Has Rackspace-SA gotten a lot better, or is the London office insanely awesomer?

    Comment by ken — June 9, 2006 @ 2:14 pm
  2. The London Racker’s recently moved to a new office, and that office is insanely awesomer.

    Comment by Cory — June 10, 2006 @ 4:21 pm

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