June 27, 2008

Magnetic Migraine Miracle Device

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Richard told me about this magnetic migraine reliever a while back, but it looks like it’s finally about to come out of testing:

The device, about the size of a hair dryer, is put up against the back of the head, and users push a button to administer the magnetic pulse. The study showed it eliminated the headache within two hours for 39 percent of participants; 22 percent in the placebo group reported no pain two hours later. Study participants used the device twice per migraine episode within an hour of experiencing an aura. Up to three migraines were treated per patient over a three-month period.

The article says this device is primarily for migraine sufferers who experience auras. I’ve never gotten auras, but I do have intense pain behind my eyes during a migraine, and supposedly this device can help with that as well. The only way I can explain that pain is to imagine someone shining a strong flashlight directly into your eyes from about 5 inches away. And this doesn’t stop until the migraine is gone, which can take days.

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