May 14, 2005

Two Tons of Steel at Rebar

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Chris is in town for Edwin and Annalie’s wedding, and he called me earlier this evening to let me know that Two Tons of Steel would be playing at Rebar tonight. I saw Two Tons perform twice last year during “Two Ton Tuesdays” at Gruene Hall, and I remember being impressed. But wow, somehow I had forgotten how amazing their lead guitarist is. I’ve seen a lot of really great guitarist, but this Dennis Fallon guy has got to be one of the best out there. I stayed for about an hour of the show tonight, but my stomache was really hurting, so I left around 11:30. If you live in the south Texas area, make it a point to see a Two Tons show.

Back in early April I attended a California Guitar Trio concert at the One World Theater in Austin. During the show one of the performers pulled out a camera and took several pictures of the audience from the stage. As it turns out, they do this at every show and they post the photos on their “Road Cam.” In this picture you can see Avie, me and Dave on the fourth row back on the right side. Pretty cool :)

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