June 8, 2008

Firefox 3

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A little over two years ago I began using the Camino web browser on my Mac instead of Firefox and Safari. I really liked how it had the feel of Firefox, with the Mac OS X UI. Lately though, Camino hasn’t been keeping up.

I’ve been watching the development of Firefox 3, and have been looking forward to it being released. I wasn’t sure if I would switch back completely, but I just watched a screencast that gave an overview of the new features in Firefox 3, and well I think I’m going back.

Also, Firefox 3 for the Mac is going to look and feel like all the other apps on a Mac. Just one more reason to switch back. Maybe Firefox will finally reach their goal of 20% browser market share.

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  1. FF3 on the mac really is nice. If you are a google browser sync user (I was), you need to know that it’s STILL not FF3 compatible. Thankfully, Mozilla’s “Weave” is, and works fairly well for me. Even between Linux and Mac.

    Yeah, I really do like FF3.

    Comment by Shawn Powers — June 14, 2008 @ 9:37 pm

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