December 3, 2005

Firefox 1.5 Released, foXpose

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[ Firefox ]For all of my friends who are not web browser freaks, I thought I would mention that this past week Firefox 1.5 was released. This is the most significant update to Firefox in quite some time, so if it is your chosen browser you will probably want to upgrade. And if you are not currently using Firefox, consider switching.

This release includes functionality that allows Firefox to automatically apply upgrades, so you won’t have to watch for new releases to download and install. The 1.5 release also appears to be much faster than previous versions.

As usual, the new version can be downloaded at

Also, there is a new Firefox extension called foXpose that is worth checking out. The foXpose extension is much like Exposé that comes with Apple’s Mac OS X. When foXpose is installed, pressing control-shift-x (or command-shift-x on OS X) resizes all the open browser tabs and displays them in a single screen. You can return to a tab by selecting it in the foXpose display. Nifty little extension, check it out.

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