July 25, 2006

Debian “etch” Coming in December

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Woo! The Debian folks have announced that “etch” will be released in December. I find this very exciting! :)

Recently I have been helping to admin a couple of Ubuntu Dapper Drake servers, and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with this distribution. From a server perspective its just Debian with up-to-date packages, which is really nice when you need to run the latest versions of Ruby and MySQL (which are quite behind in Debian proper).

I know this will make me sound like a zealot, but I really don’t understand why anyone would choose to run a server with anything other than Debian or one of its derivatives. I’ve had to administer reasonably large numbers of Red Hat and Debian servers, and the Debian servers have been without question the easiest and best maintained distros. I continually hear about Red Hat’s up2date breaking existing installations and generally causing havoc. Never once have I had anything like that happen on a Debian “stable” server, although I can imagine it might happen on the more frequently updated Ubuntu distros.

Its really pretty amazing what the Ubuntu/Kubuntu people have been able to do to the Linux desktop. I prefer KDE, so Kubuntu is my distro of choice and it has really come a long way. Mac OS X is still my primary desktop OS, but at the office I have a Kubuntu box running Synergy and its hard to imagine how a work environment could be any better than the Mac OS X + Kubuntu combination.

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