November 1, 2006

Southwest Airlines

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I really love Southwest Airlines. I just went to checkin online for my flight tomorrow and saw this message:

Wireless Checkin now available via your web-enabled mobile device at See Wireless Access for more details.

You can also download flight schedules and cancel boarding passes from mobile devices.

I bought this ticket to Las Vegas with a Southwest Voucher that was rewarded to me. If you are unfamiliar with Southwest, for every 8 flights you take with them (roundtrip counts as 2 flights) they give you a voucher for a free flight. What a company!

I used to fly Delta exclusively because they had been pretty good in the past, but now I try to fly Southwest whenever possible. Some people don’t like the A/B/C style of seating, but I love it since I always get an A seat. For the big carriers I now prefer Continental over Delta. Delta really went downhill over the past few years, it just goes to show what poor management can do to a company. I also noticed that Jet Blue now flys from Houston Hobby to Richmond, Virginia so that might be a good option for traveling to/from back home, as I’ve heard great things about that airline as well.

This weekend I was trying to find tickets to home for Christmas, and while they are pretty expensive, its really nice to be able to get direct flights, that’s not something that happened often from San Antonio. One thing I do miss about San Antonio is how accessible the airport is from everything. On the other hand, I hated the parking situation at the SAT airport, which was expensive and hard to get to. At the Houston Hobby airport I parked for an entire weekend for $8, and the pickup service runs quite frequently. In SAT it was normally $20 and I always had to wait for 15 minutes or so for the economy shuttle to pick me up.

Southwest also recently celebrated a victory in their struggle with the Wright Amendment. Good times for the little airline that could! :)

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