November 9, 2006

Borat the Magnificent

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This week I finally saw the movie I had been waiting for, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about seeing a movie. I thought it was hilarious, although some parts where rather embarrassing as an American (those idiot fratboys).

I’ve also been reading more about the man behind Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen, and I learned that he graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in history (like me!).

Some of his Ali G and Borat skits get really awkward, and I don’t know how he keeps from laughing during his interviews. I also think it is awesome that he rarely leaves his character, even when he is in an awkward or dangerous situation. He even gave the 2004 Class Day speech at Harvard as Ali G, which I think is pretty funny. Apparently things got a little crazy while Baron Cohen and his crew were making the Borat movie. I found a great article that talks about what he and his crew endured during the filming of the Borat movie. From the article:

The FBI often followed the filmmakers, whom the residents of several locales suspected of being terrorists. In the nation’s capital, the Secret Service questioned the filmmakers outside the White House, and at a Louisiana location, state troopers investigated the strange group ostensibly making a documentary. Again, Baron Cohen’s determination to stay in character – even while facing Secret Service and state police questioning – was impressive. “He never let on that this wasn’t ‘real,’” says Larry Charles.

Although Borat and Ali G are my favorite of Baron Cohen’s characters, I was excited to learn that a Bruno movie has been announced, along with 5 other movies Baron Cohen is currently working on.

But until then, there is plenty of Borat material on YouTube, most of which isn’t in the movie. If you look around, you can find some real gems on there.

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  1. I had no idea you went to cambridge and got a history degree! :D

    Comment by Richard Yoo — November 10, 2006 @ 8:12 am

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