April 19, 2007

Upgrade to Firefox 2

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I like to check the monthly stats for browser market share and operating system market share, and I have noticed that it seems like a lot of people are still using Firefox 1 or 1.5 rather than the much improved Firefox 2 (which was released nearly 6 months ago).

If you don’t know what version you are running, go here and look in the right side column. It should look something like the image to the right here, if not you should consider upgrading.

Some of the new features are spell checking, session restore (if you quit Firefox, when you restart it all your tabs will open to where they were), better tabbed browsing, and search suggestions. It’s also a lot faster than the older versions. You can download Firefox 2 from getfirefox.com.

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  1. Thanks to my genius hubby, we use Firefox 2.0 and it is way better.

    Comment by Marie — May 21, 2007 @ 4:24 pm

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